New POP/IMAP server version

Rob Mueller – 27 July 2010

Over the last 24 hours, we’ve rolled out a new POP/IMAP server version for all users. This new server is the result of months of great work by Bron and includes many improvements and fixes. Not that many of the fixes are currently user visible changes, but they are significant internal improvements that help improve reliability, conformance and performance, and will allow us to build some future features we’re looking at.

Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished, and even though we’ve been testing this code ourselves and on a sub-set of users for weeks with continuous improvements, unfortunately some bugs did get through when we finally rolled out to all users. Then in the attempt to fix these issues as quickly as possible, we also introduced some other issues. The net result was that for about 12 hours, there was a sequence of small but potentially annoying bugs that would have affected different sets of users.

All these issues have now been fixed, and we’re closely monitoring all the server logs to see if there’s any other issues, but at this stage we believe that the new server and code is working correctly for all cases we’re aware of and for all clients, IMAP and POP.

All this new code is part of the open source project cyrus, and we’ll be pushing this code back to the main cyrus code base, which will eventually form the basis for a new cyrus version 2.4. For those interested in technical details, Bron will post to the cyrus mailing lists when he’s had a bit of time to compile all the documentation and technical details.