FastMail and Apple Mac OS X - Many Synergies

Jack Miller – 19 October 2009

Someone was asking me the other day if FastMail worked well with their Apple Macintosh.  Of course!

Here are some of the many reasons a FastMail account is the ideal companion to Mac OS X.

  1. The built-in application supports IMAP quite well.  In addition, starting in 10.5.6, Apple Mail will automatically test multiple outgoing SMTP ports (25, 465, 587).  This can resolve many email troubleshooting headaches.
  2. Apple's iWeb application has an option to use any FTP site to publish your new website.  Why not use FastMail's file storage area?  It is accessible by using and your credentials.  Set this up for each site in iWeb and you can save your site directly to FastMail.
  3. It is easy to import your addresses into FastMail.  Using the built-in Address Book application, it is simple to export your All group to a group vCard file.  Then, simply login to the FastMail website, click Address Book, and click the Import / Export button.  Simply point to the vCard file you created and you are done!
  4. Online Data Storage.  Take advantage of the File Storage area at FastMail.  FastMail supports WebDAV.  In Finder, click on the Go -> Connect To Server... menu.  The server name would be something like:   Great for keeping critical files always accessible!
  5. iPhone Support.  The iPhone should automatically synchronize your account information so you can use the Mail application built-into the iPhone (or iPod Touch).  Any changes you make using your iPhone are reflected at the server as well.

Of course, FastMail is the ideal email provider for users of any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).   All platforms can take advantage of FastMail's features.