New interface being rolled out

Rob Mueller – 17 February 2009

After months of testing, feedback and bug fixes, we've started rolling out our new interface to users.

For more information about the new interface, including the new features, improved searching and keyboard shortcuts, please see our wiki page.

Our current rollout plans for the new interface are approximately as follows:

  1. Right now, users logging into the web interface at are now shown a welcome message saying that the new interface is available, and a link at the top right of the screen allows you to immediately switch between the new and old interface
  2. When the user makes a change by clicking the link, it's remembered as a preference in the users account, so that next time they login, it uses the same interface they last used (this preference is also visible and changeable on the Options -> Account Preferences screen)
  3. We'll be leaving the link & the welcome message for about 1-2 weeks to give most users a chance to see it any try it out and make a choice
  4. After that, we'll remove the link & message, but leave the preference on the Options -> Account Preferences screen so people can change at any time
  5. The old interface is not going away in any short term. We plan to keep it for at least 6-12 months. After that time, we'll see how many people are still using it and why, and either try to make changes to the new interface to accommodate those people, or keep the old interface around for longer. We don't want to leave anyone in the lurch.
  6. All new signups are now defaulting to using the new interface

We think that there's a lot of improvements with the new interface and hope users like it. We know that we can't please everyone with every change, but we recommend that people give the new interface a go for at least a few days to get used to it before making a final decision.

Old interface issue: Unfortunately the initial rollout caused an issue with the old interface and Internet Explorer not working properly, that's now been fixed.