Help beta test new web interface

Rob Mueller – 27 November 2008

For the past year, we've been working on a large overhaul of our web interface. With the help of a great designer, and feedback from our users, we're now ready to release the interface for general beta testing by all users.

The beta site is available here - - you can login using your regular account username and password.

For more details, please see our new interface wiki page. To report bugs/issues, please see our new interface bugs page. We encourage all users to give the new interface a go and report any issues on the bug wiki page.

We plan to eventually roll out the new interface to so all standard logins use the new interface. Depending on feedback, that should occur in the next month or two. We plan to run the old interface for 3-6 months after the changeover, but will eventually decommission the old interface.

If you have any particular comments you want to make about the new interface, please email me directly at