LDAP access to address book

Rob Mueller – 7 August 2008

You can now access your FastMail address book via LDAP. Many email programs (eg Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc) support LDAP access for address books.

There are some important caveats with using this:

  1. The address book is read-only via LDAP, so you can't make changes or add addresses to your address book from your email program
  2. The address book is not cached offline (in theory Thunderbird 2 supports this, but the implementation is currently broken, it should be fixed in Thunderbird 3), so it will only work while you are connected to the Internet

LDAP is most useful for families/businesses that have a large global address book. In these cases, the LDAP address lookup will search the users private address book & and the global address book.

If you understand these limitations, and want to give LDAP a go, here are some quick instructions for setting up LDAP on the most popular email clients:

Once you follow the above steps, you'll be asked for some information about the LDAP server. You need to enter the following details:

Obviously replace [your-username]@[your-domain] with your actual full login name in the above settings (and remove the [ and ] brackets as well, they're just to make it clearer which bits need some changing), but remember the "cn=" part at the start and the ",dc=User" part on the end.

Here's some photos for the Outlook Express setup:

And this is for Thunderbird:

To actually do an address book search via LDAP

If you have any questions, please see our forum or email me at robm@fastmail.fm.