Create website with file upload ability

Rob Mueller – 26 November 2007

The Files screen has allowed you to easily create Websites to share files with other people, including a photo gallery option to instantly turn a directory full of pictures into a easy to use and powerful photo gallery (example).

One thing that hasn't been possible though is to allow other people to upload files to a directory. That's now possible with the new Publish as "Files & Dir listing with upload" on the Websites screen. When you publish a directory in this mode, it displays the usual list of files in the directory, but also includes an area at the bottom to allow people to upload a file.

If you use this feature, there are currently a number of limitations you should be aware of:

  1. There's no way to limit the amount or size of files people can upload. People will be able to upload files until your file storage area reaches it's quota
  2. You can however password protect the website so that only people you give the password to will be able to upload
  3. Existing files in the directory cannot be deleted or overwritten, only new files can be uploaded
  4. You can allow uploads into a photo gallery by publishing the directory as two separate URLs. For instance you might publish a directory as a "Photo gallery" with no password to the URL so everyone can see it, but also publish the same directory as a "Files & Dir listing with upload" to the URL, which you might also password protect to limit who can upload photos