Easily Access Your Files Using Windows XP

Jeremy Howard – 2 April 2007

Did you know that you can store files directly in your FastMail.FM account, and either:

It's as easy as using your own hard drive! If you are using Windows Vista, follow these instructions that we posted earlier. If you are using Windows XP, follow these steps:

Double-click My Network Places on your desktop.

Double-click Add Network Place.

Click Choose another network location...

...and click 'Next'

Enter the address 'https://dav.messagingengine.com/username.fastmail.fm', replacing username.fastmail.fm with your actual username and domain (as you can see, you need to replace the '@' with a '.' here).

Enter your username and password, including the '@domain' part.

 GIve it whatever name you like.

 Done! You only need to complete those steps once.

 Using your files

To access your files, after completing these steps, first double-click 'My Network Places'.


Now, double-click the name you created earlier.

You will see the contents of your file storage space. 

You can drag files to and from these folders, on right-click to copy and paste.

There's lots of information about using all the features of your file storage in the FastMail.FM FAQ.