IMAP upgrade - new features

FastMail Blog – 13 June 2004

Our IMAP server (Cyrus) has been upgraded to a new version, which includes some additional features we commissioned:

  1. Fuzzy folder matching in delivery. When you use the + or sub-domain addressing, folders are now matched, and if not found, a fuzzy match is done. In the fuzzy match scenario, folders are compared in a case insensitive way, and with the chars "-", "_" and " " (space) all treated as the same. So if you have a folder "Mailing Lists.My List", then sending to username+mailing-lists.my_list@domain.tld will get filed into that folder
  2. File to parent if sub-folder missing. If in the matching scenario, the sub-folder still isn't found, but a parent folder is, that folder is delivered to instead. So if you sent to username+mailing-lists.blahblahblah@domain.tld, the email would go into the "Mailing Lists" folder, rather than the inbox
  3. POP to sub-folders. If you login via POP with the username "username+foldername", then you'll be able to POP messages from that subfolder, not just inbox. This currently doesn't work for folders with spaces in the name unfortunately.
  4. Faster message moving/deleting. Internally cyrus now uses a "delayed expunge" mode. In small folders, this won't make much difference, but in large folders, it makes moving or deleting messages quite a bit faster.

For more information, see this discussion on the forum.