About our first fastmail.com customer

Since we rolled out our new fastmail.com domain last week, we’ve had 10,000’s of users use the domain to rename, signup and create aliases.

We decided to have a quick look through our logs and find the first customer to use fastmail.com and ask them a few questions about themselves and FastMail. Thanks for taking some time out to answer questions for us Joe D!

What country & city do you live in?

Newcastle, Australia

What do you do for a living?

I’m a software developer at a services company for the mining and energy industries in Australia.

How long have you used FastMail?

I signed up to FastMail when I was in high school, back in 2002. I’ve been pretty happy since then. My home address changes more often than my email address.

How did you find out about FastMail?

It was so long ago, I honestly don’t remember!

Why do you use FastMail?

I love FastMail for the power-user features. I like being able to set up Personalities to send from different email addresses, and being able to control every aspect of my email filtering through Sieve scripts. Plus I seem to get way less spam than at addresses I’ve tried at other providers.

What domain was your previous FastMail address at?

I have a few addresses on the mailbolt.com domain, which I’ll continue to use for certain things like store memberships, news subscriptions, banking and bills. I also have a "junk" address on this domain, since every website and his dog requires you to sign up and provide an email address these days.

Why did you want a fastmail.com address?

It’s nice and simple. It looks great written, and I can tell it to someone over the phone without having to repeat bits of it.

Were you actively waiting for the opening up of fastmail.com on the day?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit I had some help on this one. I had a program monitoring the FastMail website for the exact moment fastmail.com became available, so that I could register my address straight away. Is this taking email too seriously?

Do you plan to use your new @fastmail.com address as your primary address? Have you told people about it yet?

It’ll be my new personal address to give out to people online and in person. I’ve only told a few people so far, but it will get more and more use over time.

We’ve sent Joe a T-Shirt from our RedBubble store for his time.

Of course there’s always going to be a rush for the most popular names, so we hope everyone managed to get the fastmail.com address they wanted. If not, remember you can also signup your own domain (personally, we use gandi.net) and use that for receiving email (Enhanced or higher personal accounts, or any Family/Business accounts required).

Thanks for reading

The FastMail Team

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Special pricing for Enhanced signups/upgrades/extensions until end of December

Until the end of December 2010, we’re running a special on all Enhanced signups, upgrades and extensions.

We’re taking $10 off the regular price of each year. So instead of $39.95 for the first year and $29.95 for each subsequent year (if you select a multi-year subscription), it’s now $29.95 for the first year and $19.95 for each subsequent year.

Subscription Current Special
1 year $39.95 $29.95 ($10 off)
2 years $69.90 $49.90 ($20 off)
3 years $99.85 $69.85 ($30 off)
4 years $129.80 $89.80 ($40 off)
5 years $159.75 $109.75 ($50 off)

Note: new signups can initially only pay for one year. However if you signup for a new account, you can immediately go to Options -> Upgrade to take advantage of the multi-year upgrade option.

This special is strictly until the end of December 2010 only.

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YubiKey Discount for all FastMail Users

FastMail now supports YubiKey.   YubiKey is a hardware-based device that provides two-factor authentication.  Another way FastMail helps you keep your security credentials secure.

To learn more about our YubiKey implementation, read the following post.

As part of our implementation, Yubico is pleased to offer all FastMail users a 25% discount on a Pair of YubiKeys (one black and one white).  Simply enter the name: FASTMAIL in the coupon code upon checkout.

The YubiKey store can be located at: https://store.yubico.com/

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Using Microsoft Outlook 2010 with FastMail

Microsoft has released a public beta for Office 2010 including a new release of Outlook.

The good news is that Microsoft has improved the Outlook user experience when connecting to an IMAP-based email service such as FastMail.

The biggest improvement over Outlook 2010: The ability to specify a “Trash” folder on the server.  Outlook will now behave in a similar manner to the FastMail web interface, that is, when you delete an item it will be moved from its current folder into the Trash folder.  This removes the annoying strikeout interface in Outlook.

The following will list the steps to use your FastMail account with Outlook 2010.   If you upgrade from a previous version of Outlook it will import your settings, you would simply have to update the Deleted Items behavior (step 19 below).


  1. Open Outlook 2010, it may ask you to setup a new account.  If it does not, you can add a new email account by clicking on the File menu, choose Info, then click the Account Settings button.
  2. Outlook will present a list of accounts (in a new installation, this would be blank).   Click “New…” under the Email tab
  3. Choose “Manually configure server settings” at bottom of page.  (click Next)
  4. Choose “Internet E-Mail” (click Next)
  5. Complete the form to look similar to the sample below.  Be sure to put your FastMail account name and password in correctly.
  6. Click the “More Settings…” button
  7. Under the General tab, you can choose a more friendly name for your email account (Outlook defaults to your email address).  In the example below, it was changed to: Bob Jones – FastMail.
  8. Click on Outgoing Server tab,  check the box next to “My Outgoing Server requires authentication”
  9. Click on Advanced tab.
    Under Incoming Server, use SSL type of encrypted connection (instead of None)
    Under Outgoing Server, Use SSL type of connection (instead of None)
    Change Outgoing Server port to 465 (from 25)
  10. If you are an individual user (or a business/family user who does NOT use shared folders), set Root Folder Path to INBOX
    If you are a Business user who uses shared folders, leave Root Folder blank.
  11. Press OK to close the “More Settings” window
  12. Press Next
  13. You should receive a Congratulations message from Outlook.  Click Finish.
  14. If you changed the Root Folder Path, you will see a warning, just click OK, this is normal.
  15. Once the Account Settings screen reappears, highlight your FastMail account again.  Press “Change…” above.
  16. Press the “More Settings” button
  17. We can now establish the locations for your Sent and Deleted Items folders.
  18. First select the Sent Items tab, find the Sent Items folder under your FastMail account name.  If your Sent Items is not listed, you may need to click the “More Folders…” button and press the Query button to have Outlook learn all of the server folder names.
  19. Finally, click on the Deleted Items tab, locate your Trash folder under your FastMail account name.
  20. Press OK to close the dialog box.
  21. Click Next, then click Finish.  Finally, press the Close button.  Your configuration is complete

Some other tips:

You may want to drag your “Personal Folders” to be below the FastMail account folders.  Once you have FastMail, you will not be searching Personal Folders for new mail.  Instead, all new mail will arrive in the Email account folders you have just linked to your FastMail account.

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How To Configure Blackberry to Communicate with FastMail

The following instructions describe how to configure a Blackberry to connect to your FastMail account.

There is one prerequisite. A Blackberry utilizes the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to provide email/data services to the phones. Typically, a Blackberry user will sign up for a data plan when they acquire the phone. This is includes BIS.

To configure BIS to connect to FastMail, you need to configure the BIS plan.

This can be performed in 2 locations.
1. Use the phone itself, Choose the Icon called Setup, then Email Setup
2. Go to the appropriate provider’s website to configure.

Some providers are listed here:

During initial phone setup, you may have been provided with a userid/password to the BIS site. If not, you can register for one. You’ll need some information from the phone (the PIN and MEID can be found usually in the phone’s status page).

In general, it is easier to setup the service using the website than using the phone, but either will work.

Once logged in:

  1. Choose “I want to create or add an email address”
  2. Enter your FastMail userid and password (twice)
  3. The system will autoconfigure most everything.
  4. You should receive a confirmation message that the account has been established.
  5. Unfortunately, BIS will sometimes choose the wrong email server name.
  6. Once you have saved the account. Edit the account, go to the Advanced settings, type in mail.messagingengine.com as the mail server.

Note, it will typically take BIS 20 minutes to start delivery of email to your device. In addition, the device will typically only show the last 30 days of email in the Blackberry Inbox.

The latest BIS improvements will should automatically save your sent email directly into your SentItems folder inside your FastMail account.

The following shows two screen shots from the Blackberry website demonstrating the proper configuration.

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New Home/Login Page on beta


Although we changed it less than 6 months ago, and despite it being a big improvement over the old home page, we haven’t been 100% happy with our new home/login page. There wasn’t enough information “above the fold” for new customers looking to signup.

So we’ve been experimenting with some layout changes that we’ve currently put on our beta server at http://www.fastmail.fm/beta/.

For existing customers, there’s little to no difference. The login box is still near the top on the right hand side. For new customers though, we believe this page contains more relevant information in a more concise form.

Comments welcome, please send them to jackm@fastmail.fm


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Using the BCC and SMTP Copy Features

The great thing about IMAP is that all your email is stored centrally on the FastMail servers.  The biggest advantage is that you can see your Inbox, Sent, and other folders from any location.  This includes the web interface, your favorite email program or mobile device.   Unfortunately, some email applications don’t have great support for saving the email you send through the FastMail server.

Many newer email clients (Microsoft’s Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook 2007) all support saving to a Sent Items folder.  Unfortunately, if you are using an older version of Outlook, or perhaps a mobile device) they do not support this capability.  That would mean that all your email sent from Outlook never gets saved to our server.  (This is also important if you use POP, because rarely do these programs allow saving to a server)

Fortunately, we’ve got an easy way to enable this.  It saves you email bandwidth as well (even if you are using an email client that supports saving to Sent).

How does this work?  By using a feature in the FastMail Personalities option page.

  1. Log into the FastMail web interface
  2. Go to the Options, Personalities page
  3. Select the Personality on the left that matches the email address you will be sending from.  In other words, when you setup Outlook, you specify an email address.  Be sure that address is listed here.
  4. Check the “Sent Items on SMTP” and click the Save Personality button.
  5. That’s it.  Now any email program or device that sends via the FastMail SMTP servers will save a copy of outgoing mail in your Sent Items folder.

One note, if you’ve already told the email client to save a copy to the Sent Items folder, enabling this feature would result in 2 copies appearing in the folder.  Be sure to disable this setting in your email client if you intend to take advantage of this feature.

You can also define easy ways to automatically BCC a group of addresses.  Personalities make this very simple to accomplish.

To learn more, I recommend this article


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