Announcing CalDAV Scheduling support for clients

Since we released our calendar service last year, one of the most requested features has been support for scheduling in CalDAV clients.  This feature allows users to send invitations and RSVPs directly from a CalDAV client while creating or updating calendar events.

We are pleased to announce that scheduling support is now enabled for all CalDAV users at FastMail.

This new feature allows your calendar client to:
  • create a new event with attendees from your computer or mobile device – invitation emails are automatically sent to all attendees
  • update your participation status to an event in your calendar – an RSVP email is automatically sent
  • change date/time of an event where you are the organizer – updated invitation emails are automatically sent to all attendees
  • delete an event from your calendar (or an entire calendar containing events) – appropriate emails (a cancellation if you are the organizer, or a “not attending” RSVP if you are an attendee) are automatically sent

There is no setup required. If your client supports adding attendees or updating RSVP status (pretty much every CalDAV client, including all Apple products), then our server will do the rest.

We have setup instructions for some of the more popular clients in our documentation.

And we’re not done with calendar yet!  Next on the roadmap is support for automatically updating your calendar by processing incoming email invitations and RSVPs from trusted senders.
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CardDAV – your contacts, everywhere you need them

After much work and testing – and then some more work and testing – we’re delighted to announce the release of CardDAV support in FastMail. With CardDAV, you can access your FastMail contacts on your mobile phone, tablet or smart watch, with any changes you make on any device kept in sync – just like IMAP works with your email.

This is available now for all Full, Enhanced or Premier personal/family users, and all Standard, Professional or Enterprise business users. Setup instructions for iOS, Android, and more can be found in our help. If you have a Lite or Basic account, or legacy Guest/Member account, why not upgrade today to get access to CardDAV and so much more?!

For the technical minded amongst you, here’s a brief history of how CardDAV came to be at FastMail.

CardDav – a development history

In mid-2014, not long before we released our calendar, we started seriously working on building CardDAV into our contacts system. We knew we could use a lot of the technology already developed for our calendar, as the CalDAV protocol has a lot of similarities to CardDAV.

With Carnegie Mellon University (the original developer of Cyrus IMAP) adding support for CardDAV to Cyrus, it looked like it would be fairly straightforward to change to this for our contacts storage. We knew it had to be done carefully – contacts are an important part of our mail delivery processes as well as the user interface (they’re used as part of spam recognition and filtering rules). But knowing our own systems well it didn’t seem like it would be too difficult.

We started by making the contacts code support other storage mechanisms, instead of being tied to our MySQL database. With that in place, we wrote a CardDAV connector and hooked it up, and voila! Our contacts were stored alongside mail and calendar data in Cyrus. There was some tweaking to make sure that the quirks of different CardDAV clients could be represented properly, but the core code seemed pretty solid in testing.

To help us understand where things could go wrong, we needed to gather feedback from real users, so in December last year we made this available to customers in a beta release. That’s when we started getting reports of certain contacts operations being extremely slow with large address books. Clearly we weren’t quite production ready.

After a lot of testing and analysis, we discovered that performance was significantly affected by constantly converting between the CardDAV format and our own internal formats. We needed to step back and reevaluate.

As it turned out, we already knew what we needed: JMAP. We realised that if Cyrus supported JMAP for contacts access, then our client could use it directly and we’d never need to cache or manipulate any data in between. This turned out to be an enormous amount of work, as a lot of the data conversion code that we’d already built in our middleware had to be re-implemented in Cyrus itself. But, it was worth the effort, resulting in a much simpler and faster architecture.

With the performance problem fixed, we were able to look at the second stage of the beta: making CardDAV available to our business and family account users. These have a second address book of contacts, shared between all users in the account. We wanted both shared and personal contacts to be available via CardDAV, which meant separate address book collections. However, both types of contacts still had to be visible in the web client, which presents a single unified view of shared and personal contacts.

To do all of this properly, we first had to build a new layer between the web client and Cyrus to transparently handle manipulating contacts in two address books at the same time, including moving them between those address books. Then it was time for more testing with our brave beta users, and finally, when we were happy, migrating all users over to the new CardDAV backend.

While it’s taken a considerable amount of time to get right, we’re very satisfied with the end result. We think it’s been worth the wait, and we hope you do too! As ever, we’d love to hear what you think via our support team or on Twitter.

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iOS app – now with 1Password support!

We are pleased to announce a new version of the FastMail iOS app that includes one of our most requested features – 1Password support!

This release also fixes issues with being unable to paste into fields and improved form handling when the keyboard is visible or device is rotated.

If you have 1Password installed on your iOS device then you will see a 1Password button in the login screen.


Pressing the 1Password button will display the activity popover (popup on iPad) which will include the 1Password icon if you have enabled it:


If it is not enabled, touch the bottom ‘…More’ button and turn on 1Password:


and touch ‘Done’ – 1Password should appear in the list. Additional information on setting up 1Password can be found on the AgileBits site.

More information about the FastMail app is available in our help.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements to the app!

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Push email now available in iOS Mail

While our own app has had push notifications for some time, with the built-in Mail app you would have to wait until it next decided to check the server for your new messages. But no more! From today, new mail will be pushed straight to your inbox. Never again will you only learn of that important new cat GIF from your Dad fifteen minutes after everyone else.

Amazed cat

We’ve enabled Push IMAP for all accounts and it will activate automatically; you don’t need to do anything. If you haven’t set up your mail on your iPhone yet, follow these step-by-step instructions to get started.

Many thanks to our friends on the Apple mail teams for helping make this possible.

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IMAP Notes beta service is here

We are pleased to announce that our IMAP Notes service is being released into public beta test today.

IMAP Notes joins our recently released CalDAV offering, which along with traditional IMAP and our mobile apps help to bring FastMail to your mobile device.

Notes has been a FastMail feature for a while now, and we have also supported adding Notes via Apple iOS and Mac OS devices backed by standard IMAP. We are happy to bring these two services together with the beta release of IMAP Notes.

Notes saved in the FastMail web interface will be available via Apple devices and vice-versa. Android users will require a suitable third-party app.

Of course, being a beta there are a few things you should know before clicking the opt-in button.

Rich media notes created in Apple clients are not fully supported; any note with an attached image will not be editable.
Folders are not supported, only notes in the root Notes folder will be displayed.
The backend is yet to be fully tested under heavy load or with unusual data formats

During the beta period we’re monitoring the system closely and will be fixing things quickly as they come up. You can also help by emailing us with any comments, questions or problems.

So now all the disclaimers are out of the way, you can sign up for the IMAP Notes beta here:

Instructions for connecting your client are here:

Details of the notes service are here:

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FastMail app for Android now available from Yandex.Store.

Since we first released the FastMail app for Android, its only been available to most users via the Google Play Store, and has required the regular Android push channel for notifications. That works for most people, but some customers have requested a version of the app they can use without needing a Google account. This is common for after-market versions of Android, such as Cyanogen.

Today we’re happy to announce that the Android app is now available through Yandex.Store, an alternative app store provided by Russian search company Yandex. Yandex are one of the largest internet companies in Russia, and have a strong commitment to privacy. The store application can be downloaded to any Android device and from there, the FastMail app can be downloaded without even signing in.

To make push notifications work, we’ve implemented support for the Pushy push channel. Pushy is identical in function to the standard Android push channel but does not require a separate account to use it.

With all this in place, you can now install and use the FastMail app without requiring a separate account with Google.

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Handle your email faster with our updated Android app

We’ve just released an update to our Android update that has some great new features to help you fly through your email.

First up, we’ve replaced the old “inbox” notification for multiple new messages with a new notification “stack”. Previously if you had multiple new messages, the notification would show a list of senders and subjects, but you couldn’t take any useful action except open the full app. Now the app will show a notification for the latest message, complete with avatar, subject and body preview and you can use the full set of actions on it. Once an action is taken, a new notification appears for the next unread message and so on for the entire stack. In this way you can quickly triage your new mail without leaving your notification tray. Of course, you can still tap on any notification to open it in the app or swipe to remove the entire stack.

Being able to quickly delete, archive or pin a message is great, but sometimes an email will arrive that you can actually deal with with a simple short reply. Notifications now have a “reply” action that will let you write a quick one-line reply without opening the full app. Even better, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch (or a compatible device, such as a Pebble), you can reply directly using the speech recognition feature.

This release also includes a few critical performance improvements, including a fix for the long-standing restart delay.

The updated Android app is now rolling out via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore and should be available on your device within the next day or two.

We’ve had a great time building and testing this update and would love to hear what you think! Please let us know via support or Twitter.

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