Undo and other new features

Yesterday, we rolled out a number of new features and improvements to our
new webmail interface. Here’s a quick run down of what’s new:

  • Undo. Accidentally moved a message, deleted a
    contact, marked something unread etc? No problem. Your last action can
    now be undone; just click the “Undo” link in the confirmation message.
    Or, if you’re a keyboard user, hit ‘z’. Note, you can’t undo sending a
  • The pinned status of a message is now shown at the top on the
    conversation read screen, so you can see it even if the message is
  • Security options and logs are now grouped together in their own
    section under “Account”, to make it easier to manage the security of
    your account. This includes changing your password, seeing (and remotely
    logging out) any existing sessions, and creating alternative
  • The mailbox screen now shows an icon next to messages that have been
    replied to. With conversations enabled, this shows if the most recent
    message in the folder for that conversation has been replied to.
  • The “More” menu at the top right of each expanded message now has a
    “Reply to Sender” option if the message was sent to a mailing list, and
    an “Edit as New” option for all messages.
  • The unread count is now shown first in the title of a page, so you
    can still see it even if the tab cuts the title short.
  • Better support for non-conversations mode. Now faster and fully
    non-conversational: replies to messages are no longer threaded with the
    message being replied to.

And, of course, several more minor refinements and bug fixes.

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