HTML editor upgraded from FCKEditor 2 to CKEditor 3

We’ve just upgraded the HTML editor we use on the Compose screen in rich text mode from FCKEditor 2 to CKEditor 3. This new editor should be faster to load and edit than the old one. Additionally the new editor works with Internet Explorer 9 which was released today as well.

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Fastcheck users need to upgrade to latest version –

Users of Fastcheck should ensure they upgrade to the latest version, available at Because of a change to the underlying protocol, some features may no longer work with older versions.

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Over the past few months, we’ve been preparing for the migration of to Fastmail’s servers. That migration has finally started today. Over the last hour, we’ve switched across the domain to point to Fastmail’s servers, so users going to will see the new login screen. Existing users can login with their existing username and password (see below regarding some accounts showing a different name after logging in)

Any new email will be delivered directly to your new Fastmail based account, however we have to migrate existing email from the old servers to the Fastmail servers, so you may not immediately see all existing folders and emails. We’re doing that in the background, and prioritising users based on their most recent login time, so over the next few hours, you should see all your existing folders and email re-appear in your account.

We’ve also migrated across all other information we could, such as address books, some preferences, etc.

A quick summary of some of the advantages of Fastmail over the existing accounts

Other notes:

  • Login problems – For a short time during the migration some users could not login. This should be fixed now
  • Username changed – Some users had usernames on the old server that were not compatible with the new server. In those cases, we’ve renamed the account name to a new name, but we’ve created an alias so email sent to your old email address still goes to your account, and you can login with your old account name. In fact the only difference you’ll notice is the username in the top right hand corner when you login is shown differently, and system notification emails will mention your new account name, not the old account name
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Adobe reader vs browsers

(This post is in the "Off Topic" category and unrelated to Fastmail services)

For some reason this really annoys me. Why is Adobe Reader almost 8x the size of a web browser like Firefox or Opera to download?


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