HTML editor on beta server upgraded

We use a third party editor to allow editing of HTML emails. For a while, we’ve used FCKEditor, but development on it has stopped to be replaced with CKEditor. Because of compatibility problems reported between FCKEditor and the soon to be released IE9, we’re going to upgrade to CKEditor.

I’ve now done that on our beta server, so if anyone has any problems, please let me know at so we can fix them before we release the change to production.

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SSL certificate for changed to *

We’ve made a small change to the configuration on our servers that updates the SSL certificate we were using from one that was just for to a wildcard * certificate. For users, there should be no visible change, and everything should just continue to work as normal. However the last time we made a change like this, there were some very old email clients/browsers that had problems, so this is just to let people know that might suddenly receive a new warning message, nothing is wrong, it’s just that your email client/browser is very old and should be updated.

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Secure Login is now always the default login method

We’ve just rolled out a change that now always makes the “Secure Login” button the default login method. This means that your login will be done over an https:// secured connection and your login credentials and the entire session will be encrypted end-to-end. This also means that after your first login, the next time you go to, you’ll automatically be redirected from the moment you arrive.

For the moment, we’re leaving the regular “Login” button as well as a fallback in case anyone has problems. We’ll monitor to see if there’s any issues (it’s why we’re not immediately redirecting to https:// just yet), and hopefully we’ll remove the regular “Login” button soon, and change things so we always do a redirect to the https:// site immediately at first access.

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