Quota increase for all accounts

Thanks to new equipment Opera are purchasing, we’ve now rolled out quota increases for all accounts. The changes are below:

Personal accounts

  • Guest: 10M -> 25M
  • Ad free: 50M -> 100M
  • Full: 800M -> 1G (1000M)
  • Enhanced: 8G -> 10G

Family accounts

  • Lite: 50M -> 200M
  • Everyday: 600M -> 800M
  • Superior: 6G -> 8G

Business accounts

  • Basic: 80M -> 250M
  • Standard: 1G -> 1.5G
  • Professional: 10G -> 15G

The website will be updated shortly with this new information.

Note: Legacy Member accounts have not changed. The one time charge that Member accounts paid means we can no longer add to or upgrade those accounts. Please consider upgrading to the Ad free account instead.

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