Yubikey authentication available on production

The Yubikey authentication mechanism we were trialling on on our beta server has now been released to production.

There’s been a few small changes since we first rolled it out on beta.

  1. After feedback from Yubico, we’ve made a few extra internal security improvements. In two-factor mode, the Yubikey one-time value is checked before the password, so a one-time value can’t be reused with the wrong password
  2. On the login screen, you can click the “+ More” link to display the Yubikey login box. Currently the password box will continue to work if you put the Yubikey one-time value in there, but we recommend using the specific Yubikey login box, because the browser won’t prompt you to save the one-time value as a password, which obviously won’t work a second time

We’ve also added some help documentation about Yubikey so people can learn about how it works and how to get one.

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ns2.messagingengine.com IP address change

A few days ago, we changed the IP address of ns2.messagingengine.com from to In general, this shouldn’t have affected any users because we tell users to point their domains to our name server records ns1.messagingengine.com and ns2.messagingengine.com.

However we’ve noticed that a few users have slightly esoteric DNS setups where they’ve used the explicit IP address of the old ns2.messagingengine.com server. For those users, you need to update your DNS setup. We highly recommend that if possible, you don’t ever use the explicit IP address, but use appropriate server names or CNAMEs. This allows us to change the IP addresses of ns1 or ns2 without any user changes being required.

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