Special upgrade price, 3 years for the price of 2 on Ad Free, Full and Enhanced accounts

For the month of November 2009 only, we’re running a special price for personal accounts. All Ad Free, Full and Enhanced accounts are 3 years for the price of 2.

  • Ad free – 1 year = $4.95, 3 years = $9.90
  • Full – 1 year = $19.95, 3 years = $39.90
  • Enhanced – 1 year = $39.95, 3 years = $79.90

Existing users can upgrade or renew any existing account with this special price just by going to Options -> Upgrade screen and following the steps to upgrade/renew. Any existing subscription will be pro-rated toward the new subscription.

New users can also take advantage of this special by signing up a free Guest account, and then using the above steps to upgrade it.

Update: Corrected price on Ad free

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Increased mailbox quota for accounts

Over the weekend, we’ve rolled out an increase to mailbox quotas to all accounts (except Guest and Member). These new quotas are effective immediately for all existing accounts, and all new signups and upgrades.

Personal accounts

  • Ad free – 50M (was 30M)
  • Full – 800M (was 600M)
  • Enhanced – 8G (was 6G)

Business accounts

  • Basic – 80M (was 60M)
  • Standard – 1G (was 800M)
  • Professional – 10G (was 8G)

Family accounts

  • Lite – 50M (was 30M)
  • Everyday – 600M (was 400M)
  • Superior – 6G (was 4G)

Guest and Member accounts are unchanged. File storage quotas are unchanged.

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