Proxy server names changed

FastMail has a special proxy system whereby you can access each service (POP, IMAP, SMTP, etc) through any port number by using special server names.

Note: You should only use these proxy servers if you can’t use the standard server names and ports. You should only use them if you know what you’re doing. For a list of standard server names and ports, see our help page –

Originally, the server names for the proxy services were of the form,,, etc.

To make these services consistent with our main server names (eg,, etc) and to make them work with SSL, we changed to using,, etc.

Unfortunately, it appears that we got this wrong because wildcard SSL certificates (eg. like are * one) only match a single level deep domain. Because of that, we’re changing our official proxy server names again to the following:

  • IMAP:
  • IMAP (alt namespace):
  • IMAP/SSL (alt namespace):
  • POP:
  • POP/SSL:
  • SMTP:
  • LDAP:
  • XMPP:

If you’re using the proxy servers, please update your software to use the new appropriate name.

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Skype extension for Firefox buggy, users should disable it (updated)

Update 4-Sep-09: An employee from Skype emailed me and told me that they’re released a new version of Skype (version 4.1 Hotfix 2) that solves the problems below. You can download it from

We’ve recently had some users reporting problems sending email in Firefox via the web interface. After a bit of investigation, it seems the problem is related to a recent update to Skype and the Skype Firefox extension.

By default when you install Skype, it installs an extension into Firefox which tries to find all phone numbers on a web page and allow you to easily make a Skype call to that number. Unfortunately the latest version of that extension seems to be quite buggy and destroys basic Firefox functionality. You can read about the issues here:

We recommend users using Firefox who have Skype installed on their machine disable the Firefox Skype extension until this is fixed. You can disable the extension by starting Firefox, going to Tools -> Add-ons, finding the Skype extension, and then either clicking Disable or Uninstall. You’ll have to restart Firefox after this change.

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