Microsoft closing external Hotmail access by end of June 2008

Summary: Microsoft are disabling WebDAV access to all accounts. This means Hotmail Pop Links, Outlook Express and Windows Mail (the email software included in Vista) access to accounts will stop working at the end of June 2008. You should download all your Hotmail email ASAP and tell people to stop using your email address as soon as possible.

For many years, Microsoft has provided external access to accounts via a protocol called WebDAV. This is the protocol FastMail uses on the Options -> Pop Links screen to allow downloading of email from accounts. It’s also the same protocol that Outlook Express uses to access accounts.

In 2004, Microsoft said they would be disabling or charging for WebDAV access to accounts. It seems that what happened at the time is that they disabled WebDAV access for newly signed up free accounts, but left it for existing accounts.

Since then, Microsoft have changed to using a new protocol. Rather than offering an open and standard protocol such as POP or IMAP, they’re using a new one they call DeltaSync for their and new accounts. This protocol is not an open or standardised protocol. It’s a Microsoft proprietary one and only works with their Windows Live Mail, Vista Mail and Outlook Office Outlook Connector (update: in Vista, the software is actually called Windows Mail not Vista Mail, and it doesn’t work with the new protocol).

There’s been no documentation anywhere on how the protocol works. We spent some time trying to reverse engineer the protocol, but got stuck at the proprietary compression system they’re using. Others have also tried to help, but I don’t yet know of anyone that has successfully reverse engineered it.

Microsoft have now announced that they will be disabling WebDAV access to all accounts from the end of June. This means that apart from the web interface and the above 3 2 programs, there will be no way to access your email in accounts.

Update 17-June-2008: It appears there has been a large outcry about the disabling of WebDAV access, and Microsoft have decided to NOT disable access at the end of June. However I wouldn’t expect this to last forever, as the linked update notes:

From the feedback we received, it became clear that you needed additional time to evaluate alternative solutions and with this in mind, we are postponing the transition deadline previously announced.  This means that you will continue to be able to access your Windows Live Hotmail accounts from Outlook Express beyond the June 30 transition deadline.

[My emphasis added]. So clearly they still plan to disable WebDAV access, and move to their proprietary DeltaSync protocol. We recommend that you should still be planning on how to move away from Hotmail. Once they turn off WebDAV access, you’ll be locked into using Microsoft’s proprietary protocol that only their software can read. You won’t be able to freely access your own data using open standard protocols and systems.

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Business and family accounts on beta server

After several months of testing, improvements and feedback from customers, we’re just ready to release our family and business account product and will be rolling out the new signup and login screen in a week or two. We have well over 100 businesses and families, and 1000’s of accounts using these the features already and the feedback so far has been excellent.

A quick summary of what these different accounts provide:

  • New service levels optimised for family and business usage
  • Add, delete, change and manage multiple accounts from one control panel area
  • Centralised and synchronised billing for all accounts on a 3, 6 or 12 month cycle
  • Create accounts in your own domain
  • Share email or files folders between users in a family/business
  • Each users address book also sees the global shared address book for the family/business

After creating a family/business, existing individual accounts can be imported into it with no interruption of service. The family/business gets a pro-rata refund of any remaining subscription, so no money is lost during the import process.

If you want to have a look, read more details, or signup and try it out, just have a look at our beta server.

There’s still some documentation to be written, which will be coming soon, but much of the usage should be straight forward.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me directly at

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