New Folders screen and features released

We’ve just rolled out our new folder management screen to all our production servers. You can access it either via the Options screen then the Folders link, or from the (Edit/Refresh) link at the top of the folder tree on the Mailbox screen immediately after logging in.

The new screen makes it much easier to create sub-folders of other folders, to move and rename multiple folders, and includes many new features that can be controlled for each folder.

  • Empty link – Add an [Empty] link to this folder on the Mailbox screen to allow easy deletion of all its messages
  • Spam learning – Teach your personal spam filter that new messages in this folder are spam/non-spam. Folder is only scanned daily
  • Auto-purge – When messages in this folder meet the selected criteria they will automatically be PERMANENTLY deleted, unless they have been flagged
  • Hide folder – Hide this folder from the folder list on the mailbox screen. This does not affect IMAP clients or IMAP subscriptions

Additionally it’s much easier to edit multiple folders at once, including the ability to set many or only a few specific features/properties on a large set of folders at a time.

If you have any comments or encounter any problems with the new screen, please post to our forum thread here.

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