File storage increased to 1G for Enhanced users

For Enhanced users we’ve increased their file storage space from 250M to 1000M (1G), and the monthly bandwidth transfer quota for file storage from 750M to 1000M (1G). This will allow Enhanced users to store significantly more files in their file storage, including a much larger number of photos, which will be useful for our photo gallery feature which is currently in beta testing. To try it our, see this forum thread.

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Increased domains and aliases for Full & Enhanced users

To reduce complexity, we’ve significantly streamlined our aliases/virtual domains system. Previously, the limits for Full and Enhanced users were:

Full – 3 aliases (5+ chars)
Enhanced – 5 aliases (5+ chars), 1 virtual domain, and 10 virtual domain aliases

We also allowed people to purchase extras “ala-carte” for a yearly fee. This has resulted in some complexity for people working out what is the best service level to choose, and how many extra aliases/virtual domains/virtual aliases to purchase.

We’ve decided that this “ala-carte” purchasing was creating unnecessary complexity for users, so we’ve decided to scrap it, and just increase overall aliases for Full and Enhanced users. As such, we are now offering:

Full – 6 aliases, 1 short alias
Enhanced – 30 aliases, 3 short aliases, 50 virtual domains, 200 virtual domain aliases

In most cases, this means people can stay at their same service level, but save money because they don’t have to pay extra for their aliases/virtual domains above their service level quota. We’ve emailed these users to let them know this. For the small number of Full accounts that purchased an additional virtual domain and virtual aliases, we’ve upgraded those users to Enhanced for free for the remainder of their service period. Some of these users may have to pay a bit extra at their next renewal (1 additional virtual domain + 1 virtual alias is $13.80 a year while an Enhanced account is $19.95 extra a year), though an Enhanced account also includes significant extra storage, bandwidth, file storage and many other extras, for what is only about $6 a year extra. We’ve also emailed those users to let them know this.

FastMail already includes many, many features and services, and it can be quite complex for users to work out exactly what service level they need to satisfy their needs, without the added complexity of additional “ala-carte” services and prices. We believe that this change makes the choice of service level signficantly easier for new users, with very few downsides. Most users (any who have purchsed extra aliases/short aliases, and any enhanced users who have purchased additional virtual domains/virtual domain aliases) will save money with the new levels, and only a few users (full users who have purchsed an a virtual alias and virtual domain) will have to pay about $6 more a year, which will include many extra services and much higher storage and transfer limits being at the Enhanced level.

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Unnamed files no longer so

About 100 files managed to be created (I think mainly via FTP) with filenames that were invalid UTF8. This was across a bunch of users, and the symptom was that the filename was totally blank.

I’ve fixed that for all but one file (assumed that the characterset of the file name was the user’s default characterset) – and in that case the user had already managed to upload an identical file with the same name so I removed the broken file and sent an email about it.

I’ve also made the code do that explicit fix during the “Create” path so we won’t have this problem in future.

Feel free to discuss in this forum thread.

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