New “Detach atteched messages” action

When have a message that itself has an attached message, you have always been able to “detach” these as new messages into the current folder when viewing the message.

There is now an option in the Action menu that allows you to detach messages from many messages at once. This feature has been requested by users that use forwarding in Outlook to forward messages while preserving all the email headers.

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Updated “Format” feature

For many years FastMail has had a powerful “Format” feature on the compose screen. This feature attempts to intelligently reformat and reflow test, quoted text, lists, etc. It’s based on the well known module Text::Autoformat by Damian Conway.

Unfortunately a few months back, a serious issue was discovered that caused certain data to be changed, in particular, a set of times was interpreted as a list that needed renumbering so:

7:30 – Catch flight
9:30 – Arrive at conference


7:30 – Catch flight
8:30 – Arrive at conference

To avoid this, we turned off the list processing mode of the Format function, but unfortunately this disabled all list processing, so obviously lists like:

* Get milk
* Walk the dog
* Buy the paper

Would be turned into the single line:

* Get milk * Walk the dog * Buy the paper

After a bit of work, and some discussion with Damian, we have now installed a new version of Text::Autoformat that:

  • Will correctly detect numbered, bulleted and lettered lists and format them
  • Will not attempt to renumber numbered lists to ensure there is no data corruption
  • Fixes a number of other small bugs (certain lettered lists)

This has been rolled out to all servers.

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