Miscellaneous updates

A number of miscellaneous updates have gone out in the last week. All these issues should now be fixed

  • Certain emails generated by Exchange servers with embedded images weren’t being displayed properly (just a grey box instead of the picture)
  • Messages signed with the SMIME standard would appear as empty. Most of these should now display at least partially correctly
  • When adding a new alias, a corresponding default personality is also creates that will allow you to send email with a From address of that alias
  • When renaming an account, custom fields from the address book were not being moved to the new account
  • Aliases and Virtual Domain/Virtual Aliases have now been put on separate screens to keep their separate functionality together. Alias targets can also be edited rather than having to delete and re-enter an alias
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Login log updates

Previously the Options -> Login Log screen would show logins that were authenticated correctly (eg correct username and password) but were not authorised correctly (eg attempt to do a POP login as a guest, or when account has been suspended) as a “Success” rather than a “Failed” login. This has been changed so that now logins that have the correct authentication details, but are still blocked due to other reasons are logged as failed logins. The Details column will also have additional information about why the login failed.

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