Saved searches in Action menu

If you have saved any searches in the Advanced Search screen, you can now access them directly from the Mailbox screen, by selecting the desired search from the Action drop down list near the top left of the screen, and clicking the Do button.

This allows you to quickly apply commonly used searches without having to switch back and forth between the Mailbox and Search screens.

Update: This has now been rolled out onto all production servers.

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Folder sorting option

In the Folders screen, you can now assign a “sort priority” to each folder.

When viewing on the mailbox screen, subfolders will still be grouped together under the parent, but within that parent, they will be sorted by the new “sort priority” field. This applies on the top level as well.

This allows you to customise the order of folders in the folder list, so that you can have your most commonly used folders near the top.

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