Saved searches in Action menu

If you have saved any searches in the Advanced Search screen, you can now access them directly from the Mailbox screen, by selecting the desired search from the Action drop down list near the top left of the screen, and clicking the Do button.

This allows you to quickly apply commonly used searches without having to switch back and forth between the Mailbox and Search screens.

Update: This has now been rolled out onto all production servers.

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Folder sorting option

In the Folders screen, you can now assign a “sort priority” to each folder.

When viewing on the mailbox screen, subfolders will still be grouped together under the parent, but within that parent, they will be sorted by the new “sort priority” field. This applies on the top level as well.

This allows you to customise the order of folders in the folder list, so that you can have your most commonly used folders near the top.

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From address when replying to messages

There is now an item in the Options -> Account Preferences screen for you to select how the default From address is filled in when you reply to a message. The new option is in the Compose section of the screen and is called ‘From when Replying’.

If you select ‘Best personality’, then the From address of the new message will be the personality which seemed most appropriate, judging from the headers of the original message. If none seem appropriate, then your default personality will be used.

If you select ‘Always original’ then the From address of the new message will be the address that the original message used to reach you, even if it does not match any of your personalities.

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Changing backup email address now requires password

To avoid a security hole, if you want to change your backup email address on the Options -> Account Preferences screen, you now have to enter your existing password. This stops the hole where if a user accidentally left a session open on a public computer, someone could change the backup email address and then request a lost password to be sent to that address.

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FastCheck (SOAP) logins now show in login log & count as a login

I’ve recently fixed a bug where logins from FastCheck users not using the IMAP mode were not being registered. This meant that they didn’t appear in the Login Log, and also they didn’t count as “activity”, so they didn’t stop the account being closed for inactivity! Both of these are now fixed.

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WAP logins now in login log with correct IP

I’ve changed the way that we handle WAP logins so that the IP address shown is the IP address of the WAP client rather than of our server.

I’ve also changed the service to “wap” rather than “imap” in the Login Log.

Hopefully this will be both less confusing and more useful for people!

Apologies to those few people who may have received a “this service is not available at your service level” email for using WAP while I was changing over and the server didn’t know that the new “WAP” service was allowed for everyone.


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Domain split email

Currently if you have the username or alias “”, it “locks out” the name joeblogs at every other FastMail domain (eg, etc). In a couple of months, we plan on “splitting” the domains, so that all names in all domains become totally independent of each other.

As part of this, we have to ensure that everyone using email software to send or receive emails is logging into their account using their full username (eg not just “joeblogs”, but “”). Any people with incorrect details, will be sent an email detailing exactly what they need to change and by when with instructions on how to make the changes. These changes are generally minor, but will help us achieve a number of long term changes.

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