WebDAV and OS X compatiability problems

Many Mac OS X users have reported a number of compatiability problems between the built in OS X WebDAV client and our WebDAV server. We’ll be looking into these over the next couple of weeks and will let people know when we have ironed out the issues. For now, it’s probably best to avoid using WebDAV with Mac OS X and just use the web interface for now to upload/download files.

Update: I believe it’s fixed now. The issue was with Mac OS X insisting on creating locks on files, and our server not supporting them. I have implemented locks, and have positive responses from users on the forum. Yay.

There are still speed issues with Mac OS X, which we can’t solve – it makes very inefficient use of the DAV protocol with what appears to be a complex temporary file creation mechanism designed for local disks. It makes many tens of requests where a more efficient client could create a single request asking for all the information it wanted at once.


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Edit as New for messages

There’s a new option in the menu on the ‘Advanced’ screen when viewing messages:

“Edit as New”

This option behaves like editing a Draft message (copies all the details from the source message into a compose screen) except it will not delete the original message when you have finished.

I’ve wanted to write this since I joined FastMail, and here is is. Enjoy,


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Updated file storage with WebDAV access

We’ve just made some significant enhancements to our file storage system including:

  • WebDAV access to your filestorage (FTP soon)
  • a new method for specifying websites
  • a cleaner interface to files and directories through the web

Be sure to read the new FAQ pages and the
forum announcements

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New frontend IMAP/POP proxy in place

After successful testing, we’ve put our new frontend IMAP and POP proxy into place. Hopefully for users this will mostly be invisible, apart from a small improvement in latency for accessing POP/IMAP accounts.

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“From:” turned into “Wrom:” corruption?

Have you ever seen someone’s reply to an email, and instead of seeing something like:

From: Your Friend <theiremail @ emailprovider.com>

It looks like:


Well, if you have, and you were totally stumped about what was causing it, I’ve finally found out. I did some searching and found this mention as well. I emailed that guy, and he got back to me with what he found:

Its unrelated to your application. Its the client.

The client has installed an antivirus program (I think it was norton) and turned on “privacy” option. That option causes the program to scramble any email address it sees before allowing it over the network.

Whoever this is happening to – ask them to look into their computer and check the configuration of their “privacy” software.

So sounds like a anti-virus program issue!

More discussion in this forum thread.

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Help test new frontend

We’re looking for some people to help test out a new frontend IMAP/POP proxy system we’re looking at using. Please see this forum thread for more details.

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