Alpha DAV and FTP server running!

For those that like living on the bleeding edge, we’ve released an alpha version of our DAV and FTP servers to access your file storage space. There’s lots of caveats at the moment, so please read the forum thread carefully. Feedback is appreciated so we can get this up and running as quickly as possible and release to fully.

Alpha DAV and FTP server running – forum thread

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Send SMS messages to mobile/cell phones

FastMail.FM now gives you the ability to send SMS (text) messages from your account to mobile phones. You can send messages from the Compose screen just by adding an address of the form <mobile -number>@sms (eg 447912123123@sms), or you can setup a forwarding rule to notify you when important emails arrive in your account.

Please see this FAQ page for more detailed information about the usage, limitations and pricing of this service.

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SMS Sending Log on beta server

We’ve been testing out SMS sending for a while now, but there’s been some concern over traceability of messages sent. To try and help with this, we’ve now added a “SMS Sending Log” screen available from the Options screen. From there you can see all SMS’s you’ve sent in the last month, and there’s also a link to retrieve additional details from our SMS delivery provider, including a detailed log for each message of how it was routed and to what provider.

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Performance improvement in email display

Some HTML emails with a large number of inline images or links were taking quite some time to display (many seconds). This was due to a regular expression bug in our code that was causing the web-bugs and phishing detection code to be many times slower than it should be. This has now been fixed.

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Large messages now have “X-Spam-known-sender” header added

After a recent upgrade to our email delivery system, there was a bug where large messages (>500k) would never have the “X-Spam-known-sender” header added, even if the From address of the email was a known sender. This was affecting a small number of users who use “White list only” spam protection level and were receiving emails with large attachments. This has now been fixed.

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