Postfix upgraded to version 2.2

We’ve upgraded our mail server, Postfix, to the recently released version 2.2.

We’ve also added a policy daemon to allow much more flexible configuration.

How this affects you:

  • email addresses are no longer lowercased on sending (previously caused problems for some people)
  • the sender address for bounces is now MAILER-DAEMON at rather than just the bareword MAILER-DAEMON (which was also a problem for some people)

We are planning to extend the policy daemon to also support different number of recipient limits for different service levels, and also to give better error messages to guests trying to send via SMTP.

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New version of FastCheck available

A new version of FastCheck that fixes a serious bug has been released. It’s available for download here

FastCheck lets you check your FastMail.FM mailbox in the background and notifies you when you receive new mails. Its main features are:

  • Works behind virtually all types of firewall/proxy (supports PAC files, authentication)
  • Can monitor several accounts and several folders per account
  • Displays a customisable message box when you receive new mails
  • Opens your favorite web browser or application when you receive new mails
  • Plus many more features…

For those that want to know more about FastCheck, see the official site at

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Help our wiki wiki working bee

We’re switching our wiki over from phpwiki to mediawiki. As part of this process we’d like to do a bit of cleaning up, and hoping that anyone that’s got a bit of free time can come along and help. So read the forum thread below, and dig in!

Wiki wiki working bee forum thread

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Payments not working in Safari/Konqueror fixed

Some users were having problems making payments, signups and upgrades while using Safari or Konqueror web browsers. This problem should now be fixed.

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Compose screen To/Subject fields blank in IE 5 fixed

Some users have been reporting problems where replying to an email would result in the To/Cc/Bcc/Subject fields being blank. This was mostly occuring with IE5, but some IE6 users reported the problem as well. This should now be fixed.

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Blog site updated

We’ve now updated the software on our blog ( to the latest version. As a result, there’s been a couple of changes:

  • The overall theme and layout has changed to use the new default theme provided by the blogging software
  • For those users that use RSS readers, the RSS feed link has changed to
  • We’ve had to split out the regular blog and the status blog. The news and announcements blog is at and the status blog is at Previously you could view status announcements at the regular blog site, but the two blogs are now entirely separated so you cannot and must use the separate web-site address

Update: Have added full date and time to each post, and also made it an appropriate link to so you can see the time of the post in your part of the world.

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