Major increase in file and attachment sizes

Effective immediately, all users can send and receive larger attachments.

Raising the bar from our previous 7MB largest attachment size, the sizes are now:

  • 10MB – Guest and Member
  • 30MB – Full
  • 50MB – Enhanced

These apply to the sum of the sizes of all attachments on any email, and also to the maximum size of any upload or download from filestorage.

This information is also available in the pricing table.

Please post any comments or bug reports in this forum thread.

edit: spell MB correctly with a capital B. For those purists amongst us the values are actually in MiB – (N * 1024 * 1024 bytes)

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Improved ‘From:’ address when replying

We’ve improved the ‘Reply’ behaviour so that it will use the X-Delivered-to address in preference to falling back to the default personality. Hopefully the only difference that you notice is that you have to correct the From address less often!

(Previously if there was no address in the To or Cc which matched a personality, then the default personality would be used when replying. This could be annoying when replying to a message of which you were a Bcc recipient, or a message that was addressed to a throwaway address in your own domain.)

This also means that you may not need to use as many personalities, but that depends on how you use them.

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