Intermittent POP3 failures fixed

Some users had reported very intermittent failures trying to retrieve their email via POP3. While trying again immediately would work, it was still annoying that it was happening. We’ve now tracked down this problem and fixed it so there should not be any intermittent failures any more.

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More information on FastServices API

If you’re a programmer, and interested in helping to create extra functionality for FastMail, have a look at our FastServices API. It’s a SOAP API that lets you get information from and manipulate a FastMail account. At the moment it’s the API is very basic, but we’re looking to expand it and feedback is appreciated:

FastServices Wiki page
FastServices Forum
Suggestions for a service idea

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New domain:

We’ve just added to our list of domains – this was the address of another provider some time ago, but the domain became free so we picked it up. We don’t have any affiliation with the previous owners.

Many thanks to Peter for noticing that the domain was available.

You can use this domain right now for aliases, new accounts, and changing your home domain.

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More address book updates

We’ve just released some more address book updates:
* Some small user interface and consistency cleanups
* Moved the [Edit] link and [+] link to the left side of the screen, which should be easier to see which goes with which address
* New “dynamic loading” of address details with the [+] link. This allows the loading of the address details without a full round-trip to the server, only the details for that particular user are dynamically loaded. This is currently only available for IE6, Firefox/Moz, and Opera 8 beta

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Help test some address book improvements on beta server

We’re testing a new faster “address detail view” implementation that relies on special Javascript to reduce page load times. Details about using this and which browsers can take advantage of this are here

Please help test this feature by reading the above thread and logging in at Please post any feedback on the above forum thread.


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Fix for intermittent display bugs in Firefox

People have reported intermittent display errors when using Firefox, namely with certain user interface components that should be hidden not being hidden (see this forum thread for some examples). This problem appears to be a random and intermittent bug with Firefox 1.0 not correctly executing the page “onload” events. However we have found a reasonable workaround that has now been put into production that should resolve this issue.

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address book updates and ctrl-enter to send mail

Following up from some of your suggestions we’ve made a bunch of small improvements to the Address Book interface.

Some highlights are:
* Ctrl-Enter now sends the email from the compose screen.
* Changes to the sort order and number of records shown in the Address Book are now saved across sessions.
* The text ‘No name’ is no longer displayed if you haven’t given First or Last names to an Address Book record.
* Headings have been made more descriptive:
– ‘Addresses’ => ‘Address Book’
– ‘Contacts’ => ‘Email / Phone’
– ‘Locations’ => ‘Addresses’
* The name of the person you’re editing is shown at the top of the Edit Address page.
* You can quickly add and remove people from the Quicklist using the same interface as other groups.

Thanks to Richard for all his hard work on this.

You can post comments or bug reports in the forum thread here or in the original thread discussing the new addressbook.

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