Improved handling of emails with non-english characters

FastMail has long handled emails with non-english characters that are RFC compliant correctly. Unfortunately many email clients generate non-RFC compliant emails which are technically incorrect (“broken”). We continue to try and add workarounds to make these emails display better. We added a few changes today that should make certain such emails that previously displayed incorrectly now display correctly. Since the number of possible ways that an email can be “broken” is infinite, we can never guarantee that we have dealt with all cases, and we will continue to work on such emails as we encounter them.

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Poll window ‘Mailbox’ link now opens inbox

The ‘Open Mailbox’ link on the Poll window would open the last folder you were in. Given that the Poll window currently displays message counts for the Inbox, it seems more reasonable to open directly at the Inbox

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Display of some emails (mostly from Incredimail) improved

Some emails with more complex HTML including background images (most noteably some sent from the Incredimail email client) were not being displayed correctly. This should now be fixed.

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Sorting by attachment now works consistently

The sort by attachment (Att heading) on the mailbox screen would sometimes not work consistently. This has now been fixed.

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Account problems link now rescans IMAP folder list

The web interface maintains it’s own internal cached folder list separate to the IMAP server. This list is only re-synced when you go to the Folders screen. This could be confusing because if you use an IMAP client to create a new folder, that folder will only appear in the web-interface if you go to the Folders screen to force a re-sync, even the ‘Account problems’ link would not fix this. This has been changed so that running the ‘Account problems’ link tests will force a re-sync. Going to the Folders screen is still the recommended way to discover new IMAP folders in the web-interface however.

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X-Delivered-to header now left on forwarded email

When forwarding email, we would remove all the normal headers we add to delivered email (eg X-Mail-from, X-Delivered-to, X-Resolved-to, X-Spam-hits, X-Spam-score) for privacy reasons. Several people noted that X-Delivered-to is actually quite useful on forwarded email when you have multiple different aliases or virtual domains. We have now changes our configuration so that X-Delivered-to is now left in the headers of forwarded email, the other headers are still removed

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“System down” page appearing even when system not down

Due to a configuration error, a certain set of internal system outages caused the “System is down” page to be sent with LONG cache headers (7 days). This would mean that after you went to and got a “System is down” message, you would get that everytime you went to for the next 7 days, even though the system was working again just minutes later. This could be fixed by hitting CTRL-F5 to force a reload of the page, but most people would not know this. This has been fixed and won’t happen again in the future.

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