IMAP upgrade – new features

Our IMAP server (Cyrus) has been upgraded to a new version, which includes some additional features we commissioned:

  1. Fuzzy folder matching in delivery. When you use the + or sub-domain addressing, folders are now matched, and if not found, a fuzzy match is done. In the fuzzy match scenario, folders are compared in a case insensitive way, and with the chars “-“, “_” and ” ” (space) all treated as the same. So if you have a folder “Mailing Lists.My List”, then sending to username+mailing-lists.my_list@domain.tld will get filed into that folder
  2. File to parent if sub-folder missing. If in the matching scenario, the sub-folder still isn’t found, but a parent folder is, that folder is delivered to instead. So if you sent to username+mailing-lists.blahblahblah@domain.tld, the email would go into the “Mailing Lists” folder, rather than the inbox
  3. POP to sub-folders. If you login via POP with the username “username+foldername”, then you’ll be able to POP messages from that subfolder, not just inbox. This currently doesn’t work for folders with spaces in the name unfortunately.
  4. Faster message moving/deleting. Internally cyrus now uses a “delayed expunge” mode. In small folders, this won’t make much difference, but in large folders, it makes moving or deleting messages quite a bit faster.

For more information, see this discussion on the forum.

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Major webmail upgrade with many new features

There’s a whole bunch of new features now available at FastMail.FM. We’ll send out an email today to you all with more information. Here’s the features you can play with:

  • HTML Composition (send messages containing tables, formatting, etc)
  • Basic/advanced ‘View’ screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts on advanced ‘View’ screen (hit Ctrl-space)
  • New advanced search screen (available from Mailbox screen)
  • Messages in different character sets can be viewed on Mailbox screen
  • It’s faster!
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Relocation of servers to new data centre this weekend (completed)

Edit: All servers are now up and functioning. If you have any problems, please report them to this forum thread:

Edit: The servers have been relocated, and will be started shortly.

Edit: The relocation has begun. We should have more details in about an hour.

All incoming mail during this time is being queued at our back server in Texas and will be delivered when all the normal services are back up.

Edit: Due to a last minute issue, this has been pushd off half an hour to 4:30pm east coast US time (see here for time in your timezone.)

This Saturday at 4pm east coast US time (see here to see this date and time in your timezone) we will be taking down all services for about 2 hours to move our servers to a new data center.

This move is to a $20m state of the art data centre with redundent generators uninterruptible power supplies, multi-level security system, multiple redundent upstream network providers and 24×7 on-site monitoring.

Updates during the move will be posted to this blog available at

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