Testers wanted to try out latest features

Feel like helping? Test the new HTML composition and improved message view screens on our beta server. Just login to your regular account at:


New features include:

  • Compose messages in different colors and fonts using the new HTML editor
  • An improved view message screen that includes advanced keyboard shortcuts and improved privacy through “webbug” blocking.
  • A simplified search screen. Just leave the search box empty on the Mailbox screen and click the ‘Search’ button
  • More information on these features is available at:

    Please post any problems or feedback to our forum at:

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    New spam filtering test

    We are testing a range of new spam filtering rules. If you have used the advanced spam protection screen to set your spam score threshold below ‘5.0’, we suggest you set it back to 5.0, since the new rules will result in higher scores.

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