ns2.messagingengine.com changing IP address

If you own a virtual domain, and you point your name servers at us, you may be interested to know that ns2.messagingengine.com has changed its IP address to

This information is purely for your information – You do not need to change anything at your end, as long as you followed the instructions in the FAQ when you set up your domain. We have already tested all virtual domains to confirm that they are set up correctly.

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Own-domain addresses now under half price!

Full and Enhanced subscribers can now purchase additional virtual-domain aliases for just $0.10 per alias per month, down from previous price of $0.25.

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More efficient FastMail.FM forums

The FastMail.FM independent forum has now been split into 3 sub-forums, covering help, feature requests, and general issues. This new structure makes it easier for you to find the information you need.

Many thanks to EmailDiscussions.com for providing this terrific resource for FastMail.FM users.

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