New domains available, including ‘FastMail.US’

Three new domains are now available, which you can use for aliases or your primary username:


In addition, the name will be available by October 15th.

If you wish to add an email address in one of these domains, click ‘Options’ and then ‘Aliases’ (requires at least a ‘Member’ level account).

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New spam protection released

We have now released the new spam protection system. The new system protects Full and Enhanced users from spam with many great new features, including:

  • One click setup for the most common settings, or complete customisability for the power user
  • An improved rules and black list database to catch more spam than ever
  • Address book whitelisting allows you to ensure that emails from people you know are never classified as spam
  • Subject line rewriting allows you to instantly see the spam score of suspect emails
  • Now using the latest spam protection system (SpamAssassin 2.60)

If you are not yet a Full or Enhanced subscriber, now is a great time to upgrade to use these new features! Just click Options, and then Upgrade, once you have logged in.

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