FastServices API interface changed

A new version of the FastServices SOAP API test is available for programmers. Note that the interface has changed (and will probably keep changing a bit during the test phase). Details, plus documentation, here:

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Programmers: FastMail.FM API test available

We now have started testing the new FastMail.FM SOAP API: click here for details.

Future announcements will be posted to the FastServices forum linked above – any programmers interested in getting involved, please register with that forum and start hacking! Java, Delphi/Kylix, C++, Python, etc programmers all welcome.

This API will let users create FastCheck replacements, synchronization programs for Addresses, Notepad, etc, and lots more, using the SOAP-capable programming language of their choice. Yes, this may just mean FastCheck for Mac OS, Linux, etc too!…

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August newsletter now available

The August newsletter is now in your FastMail.FM mailbox. You can read it online here.

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Full recovery from New York power outage

The north-east US, and parts of Canada, suffered from what has been described as the worst power outage in US history. Our data centre in Wall St, New York, was in an area which lost power from around 4pm to 6am EDT. As a result of this, FastMail.FM was without power for much of the night.

A full recovery of all services was completed in around half an hour after power was restored to the Wall St district. We apologise to all customers for the inconvenience that the outage caused.

We are working closely with our data centre facility to ensure that they (and their upstream network providers) have enough backup power to handle such a situation if it reoccurs in the future.

The backup email systems in Europe and Texas, the backup DNS server in Norway, and the monitoring and admin servers all stayed up during this time.

More details added in this thread:

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New gift certificate functionality to help small businesses and families

By clicking “options”, and then “purchase gift certificate”, you can send gift certificates to FastMail users, which they can use to upgrade their account. However, previously recipients had to already be FastMail users in order to use the certificate.

We have just added new functionality which allows recipients of gift certificates to use the certificate to sign up a new, upgraded account. This will be particularly useful to small/medium businesses and families, or anyone else with a number of accounts under their own domain. To create accounts for everybody in your business or family under your own domain, firstly follow these instructions to create your domain. Then, send yourself a gift certificate for each account which you require for your colleagues or family members, and then follow the instructions in each gift certificate to use it to create a new account. If you need any help in setting up your business or family, please click here to request support.

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Microsoft Smartphone access now available; spam filtering improvements for POP links

Two small improvements:

  • The IMAP client on Microsoft Smartphones had a bug that caused it to fail with many standards-compliant IMAP servers, including FastMail.FM. We have now patched our server to work around this bug, so Microsoft Smartphones can now be used to access your mail.
  • We have now installed the latest version of SpamAssassin on the servers that are used to download e-mail from POP links. Many thanks to forum user DrStrabismus for his analysis which showed that the latest version of SpamAssassin is approximately twice as effective as the previous version!
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FastMail.FM is hiring programmers

We are currently hiring Perl programmers to help make our web interface even better. If you’re a great developer, and are interested in working with our team, click here for more information.

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