Latest news now more up to date

The ‘latest news’ that appears on FastMail.FM is now taken directly from the ‘News’ category on this weblog. Therefore it will always be up to date as any announcements are made.

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Sieve script tester for advanced users

Advanced users can use the Sieve language to write their own filtering and forwarding logic. Thanks to SanjaySheth, people using Sieve can now check these scripts using the Sieve tester.

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Commented stylesheet for CSS authors

There is now a syntax-highlighted, hyperlinked, commented, and neatly laid out stylesheet template for CSS authors.

Generous forum poster Snsh has organised and commented the default FastMail.FM stylesheet, to help budding stylesheet authors. And SanjaySheth has created a fantastic tool for syntax-coloring stylesheets and creating automatic links to CSS definitions. Many thanks to these talented people for this great resource.

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Looking for address book samples

As part of the address book improvement project, I’m trying to gather some sample exported address books so I can ensure the widest possible compatiability. Please see this forum thread for how you can help.

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