FastMail.FM Merchandise now available

We are pleased to announce that you can now get not only email from FastMail.FM, but also:

  • Clothing
  • Mugs
  • Flying discs
  • Caps
  • Stickers

You can purchase these from the FastMail.FM Store. The items can be shipped almost anywhere in the world, and the mugs are packaged carefully in foam so they should get to you in excellent condition.

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Additional security using cookies

FastMail.FM is now more secure for people whose browser support cookies (which includes nearly all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera). We strongly recommend that all FastMail.FM users do not turn off cookies in their browser. While FastMail.FM still works fine without cookies (just as it always has), the new security measures will not be active.

We now store your session id (the unique number identifying you after you log in) in a cookie, rather than sending it in the URL (the web page location). Storing it in the URL could cause problems, for instance if you copy and paste a URL into an email, it previously included the session id. These problems are avoided as long as you do not disable cookies in your browser.

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No membership fee required for Full/Enhanced subscriptions

Previously, we had required the all Full and Enhanced subscribers paid the Membership fee ($14.95) when joining. The benefit of this is that if subscribers fail to renew, then they will revert back to Member level, not Guest level.

For all subscribers who have already paid this fee, this privilege will be maintained.

However, now that we have added the ability for subscribers to switch to Member level at any time, and pay the $14.95 at that time, there is no longer a need to pay the Membership fee when joining as a Full or Enhanced subscriber.

Therefore, new Full and Enhanced accounts are no longer required to pay the $14.95 Membership fee. However, these accounts will fall back to ‘Guest’ level if their subscription expires, rather than ‘Member’ level.

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More flexible billing system

There is now a brand new billing system providing enormous flexibility. Click Options, and then Upgrades/Downgrades to access the new upgrade and downgrade functionality, and Options followed by Renewals to access the new renewals functionlity.

Using the Upgrades/Downgrades screen you can change your account to any level (Guest, Member, Full, Enhanced) at any time. You can also change your subscription period (up to 5 years). Increasing your subscription period gives you a 25% discount on your subscription fee for each additional year!

Using the Renewals screen you can update your credit card details, to ensure that your renewal is completed successfully. You can also manually renew using this screen at any time, or request that your account is not renewed at the end of your subscription until you use the ‘manual renewal’ button.

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Analysis of the Spamcop Blocking List

Our users have reported many problems with the SpamCop Blocking List (SpamCop BL) over the last year. I decided to analyse this system, and discovered many flaws. I have released a paper, Why the SpamCop Blocking List is harmful, which has also been posted at Declan McCullagh’s Politech.

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Advanced addressing features

We have added two new features for virtual domain and alias users:

  1. Own-domain users can put a ‘*’ in the alias target; this is replaced with the username the message was originally sent to
  2. You can set an alias target to ‘user+something@domain’. Then if you get sent an email to ‘alias+foo@domain’, the final recipient will be ‘’. That is, the two ‘plus parts’ are combined to allowing delivery to a subfolder

These advanced features are documented in the FAQ, and discussed on the forum.

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