Forum down

The FastMail.FM forum hosted at appears to be down. This site is run completely independently of us. We have contacted the administrator to find out what the situation is. UPDATE: The problem seems to be resolved.

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FastMail database problem resolved

We experienced the same database problem we had the other day. We have now installed the fix for this that we’ve been testing for the last few days. This now appears to have resolved the problem. We apologise for the delay in acccessing your mail during the last few minutes.

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Development priorities update

We are often asked “What’s next?” Here’s our current short-term priorities with regards to web interface features (this does not include non-web interface features, or bug fixing, or business development priorities):

  • Improve address book (add searching, more fields, better interface)
  • Improve integration of address book with Compose screen (using Quick List)
  • Enhance Address Book uploads to bring in more fields
  • Add simple HTML composition to Compose screen
  • Improve Account Preferences screen: improve layout and documentation of this screen, which currently too many people are misunderstanding
  • Simple file storage functionality: new screen for uploading/downloading files, and ability to attach/detach files in emails from/to this area
  • Improve spam protection interface: simple 1-step setup for new users, without reducing flexibility for power users
  • Simple email reminder interface
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Database problem

We had an outage on our frontend server today caused by a database problem. Our engineers were automatically paged by the system and a server reboot resolved the problem. We are currently investigating the source of the database problem to ensure that it does not re-occur. We apologise for the delay in accessing your mail during this time.

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Media coverage

Summary: Media coverage: Free e-mail anyone?

The Star is Malaysia’s largest English-language newspaper, and InTech is their very popular twice-weekly tech section. Following a recent interview with Jeremy in Malaysia, The Star has published an article titled Free e-mail anyone?.

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Login sessions expiring

For the last few minutes, when you logged in through the web interface your session may have expired immediately due to a problem with the webservers. This impacted new web sessions on one server, due to a configuration error. The error is now resolved, and the forum discussion is here. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

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FastMailWiki announced

Summary: FastMail Wiki added to create a user-managed knowledge base.

To enhance user interaction further, we’ve created the FastMail Wiki. A WikiWikiWeb is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content. Basically, if you see a spelling error and would like to correct it, or you would like to add some content, you can!

We would like to make this a central place where features can be suggested and then finetuned by all users. Hopefully it will also relieve some of the feature request clutter that is apparent in the forum. Users can also submit examples of working Sieve code, or provide tutorials and walkthroughs for the service. If you’d like to see other categories, go ahead and add them!

Now go have a look at how to use the Wiki and experiment!

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