I’ve just added a DNS entry for to point at this server.

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Spamcop listing

One of our servers was temporarily listed in the Spamcop blacklist. Though Spamcop itself warns that its algorithm is not perfect and may result in legitimate email being blocked when used as a blacklist, some providers still implement this blacklist. As a result, this listing may have caused some emails to be bounced back to you. You will need to re-send any messages that were bounced due to this block now that the listing has cleared.

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FastMail beta server available

For those who like living “on the edge”, we’ve now got the FastMail beta server setup. Basically new code that needs testing will go on this server. So feel free to try it out.

Things that work and things that don’t.

  1. Unlike the old beta servers, Secure Login does work
  2. Changing your ‘Define Rules’ or ‘Advanced Rules’ does not work. It’ll appear to work, but they won’t actually be changed, so don’t do it because you’ll get confused.
  3. Don’t try a rename/consoldiate/imap migrate.

Now for the new features on the beta server:

  1. The IMAP /Answered flag is now correctly set on emails you reply to. There’s also a new ‘A’ column to show if you have answered an email. Currently ‘Forwarding’ isn’t tracked. There’s no standard IMAP flag for this at the moment. We’ll see what we can do.
  2. On the message view screen, there’s now ‘Printer friendly’ and ‘Raw’ message view modes

Any problems or suggestions: check out the forum thread.

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Per-mailbox backups unavailable

Summary: Per-mailbox recovery of messages unavailable since server migration. Reintroduction planned.

Due to the recent server migration we are not keeping seperate per-mailbox backups at the moment, making it impossible for support to recover permanently deleted messages. Of course emergency backups of the entire system are still available. Mailbox backups are planned to be reintroduced in the near future.

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New features

Summary: Several new features; compose screen tab order improved, new IMAP migration, references/in-reply-to headers added, per-folder default personalities


  • New tabbing order on compose screen is To-Cc-Bcc-Subject-Message-Send-Action-Do
  • On JS enabled browsers, default focus on compose screen is set to To field, unless replying, when it’s set to message box
  • IMAP migration has now been enabled. It’s still slightly experimental, but has been tested against half a dozen different IMAP servers
  • References/In-Reply-To headers are now added to emails being sent in reply to another email
  • Per-folder default personality enabled. You can set a ‘default personality’ for each folder on the folders screen. Any messages composed or replied to in that folder will start with the specified personality as the default. Great for mailing lists
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