Imported older news

  • Improved the email address parsing on To, Cc and Bcc lines of the Compose screen. Things now work as they should. Say you have an address book with:
  • Nick name Full name Email address
    andrew Andrew Smith
    anthony Anthony Smith
    bill Bill Smith
    smith Bill Manheim
  • Then entering the following lines will be expanded as shown:
  • Line Result
    smith "Bill Manheim" <>
    b smith "Bill Smith" <>
    andrew "Andrew Smith" <>
    bi m "Bill Manheim" <>
    a smith ambigous, matches two names, you’ll be asked to decide which one you mean’t
    and s, bill "Andrew Smith" <>, "Bill Smith" <> "Bill Manheim" <>
  • Complete email addresses (eg or "joe bloggs" <>) are left as they are
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